Electricity substation in Sheffield listed

Sheffield Electricity substation credit Jefferson Sheard Architects
Sheffield Electricity substation credit Jefferson Sheard Architects
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To some it’s nothing more than a great big concrete lump.

Others see it as just plain ugly, a monster, an eyesore.

Many people don’t even know what it is and why it’s there.

But it may surprise you to learn that in some people’s eyes this is a thing of beauty.

A building worth protecting for future generations.

The massive concrete electricity substation – which was designed by Bryan Jefferson, who also had a hand in the massive ‘Roxy’ building on Pond Street, has been awarded Grade II listed status.

English Heritage said: “The scrupulously-finished concrete of the Brutalist electricity substation on Moore Street in Sheffield, gives this bold building a dramatic, sculptural feel.

“It was an important component of the radical post-war regeneration of Sheffield, helping to revitalise the city after it was badly bombed. ”

Heritage Minister Ed Vaizey said: “Our architects are among the best in the world and it’s absolutely right that their finest work is afforded the same protection as their historic forebears.

“The buildings and structures I am listing today demonstrate this well. Innovative, exciting and eye-catching, they each in different ways show that architecture in this country is very much alive and well.”

English Heritage chief executive Simon Thurley said: “Some still view the buildings of the era as concrete monstrosities, others as fine landmarks in the history of building design.”