Election Results: Labour wipes out BNP and retains control in Rotherham

Votes counted: Local election results out today. Photo: Tim Ireland/PA Wire.
Votes counted: Local election results out today. Photo: Tim Ireland/PA Wire.
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LABOUR wiped out the BNP as they retained control of Rotherham Council in the local elections - claiming 19 of the 21 seats which were contested in the borough, writes digital editor Graham Walker.

For full results see below.

Labour’s Margaret Godfrey took the seat from the BNP in the Maltby ward.

It means the make up of Rotherham Council is now 58 seats Labour (92.1%), four Conservative (6.3%) and one Independent (1.6%).

The Labour party has also retained control of Barnsley - claiming .18 of the 21 seats up for grabs

Results from the election in Sheffield are expected later on Friday.

Voters in Sheffield have also taken part in a referendum on a directly-elected mayor while Doncaster residents have been asked if they want to keep the current mayoral system.

A third of all council seats in Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield were contested in Thursday’s election.


ROTHERHAM: 2012 LOCAL ELECTION RESULTS (* indicates elected candidate)

ANSTON & WOODSETTS: Foulstone, Charles David, Green Party, 240; Hughes, Darren Jason Louis, Labour, 1156; Hunter, Doris Joan, Conservative, 428; Jepson, Clive Robert*, Independent, 1249. Turnout: 34.67%.

BOSTON CASTLE: Bingham, Christopher James Edward, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts, 189; Hussain, Mahroof *, Labour, 2141; Kramer, Christian Carl Backer, Conservative, 499; Meharban, Mohammed, Liberal Democrats,134; Mehban, Umar, Official Monster Raving Loony Party, 64; Woffenden, Harry, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 654.Turnout, 39.49%.

BRINSWORTH & CATCLIFFE: Ahmed, Shabana*, Labour, 1618; Cooke, Michael, Conservative, 461; Fieldhouse, Terry Robert, British National Party, 872. Turnout:32.68%

DINNINGTON: Beighton, Patricia Mary, Conservative, 400; Hickson, Denise Margaret, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 454; Smith, David, Independent, 416; Simon Andrew*, Labour, 1384. Turnout: 28.22% .

HELLABY: Astbury, Lauren Amy Edith*, Labour, 1257; Fairfax, Douglas, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 691; Turner, Richard Arthur John, Conservative, 1064. Turnout: 32.90%

HOLDERNESS: Hunter, Keith, Conservative, 421; Jack, Hilda Landells, Independent, 942; Robinson, Christopher Bernard*, Labour, 1529. Turnout: 30.18% .

HOOBER: Pallant, Michael John, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 644; Roche, David John*, Labour, 1530; Taylor, Brian Eastwood, Conservative, 338. Turnout: 27.7%

KEPPEL: Clark, Margaret*, Labour, 1818; Middleton, Janice, Liberal Democrats, 469; Robinson, Michael, Conservative, 454. Turnout: 30.31%

MALTBY: Blair, William Robert, British National Party, 435; Conlon, Michael James, Independent, 699; Godfrey, Margaret Ann*, Labour, 1285; Price, Richard Terence, Conservative, 150. Turnout: 28.82% .

RAWMARSH: Baldwin, William George, British National Party, 531; Brown, Beryl Charlotte, Conservative, 328; Whelbourn, Glyn*, Labour, 1685. Turnout: 26.84% .

ROTHER VALE: Brown, Gordon Hugh, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 583; Frith, Andrew Mark, Conservative, 307; Lelliott, Denise*, Labour, 1503. Turnout: 26.41% .

ROTHERHAM EAST: Ilyas, Mohammed, Liberal Democrats, 207; Penycate, Richard William, Green Party, 171; Suleman, Mohammed, Conservative Party Candidate, 362; Vines, Maureen, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 385; Wallis, Emma*, Labour, 1520; Willis, Christopher Paul, Independent, 132. Turnout: 30.65% .

ROTHERHAM WEST: Khan, Azeem, Liberal Democrats, 133; Middleton, Anne, Conservative, 212; Sims, Kathryn Joyce*, Labour, 1820; Vines, Caven, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 758. Turnout: 31.29% .

SILVERWOOD: Higgins, Peter Michael, Conservative, 371; Russell, Gwendoline Ann*, Labour, 1393; Wilkinson, John, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 1140. Turnout: 30.45% .

SITWELL: Khan, Tajamal, Labour, 1193; Middleton, Christopher Norman*, Conservative, 1474; Wilkinson, Valerie Irene, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 1019. Turnout: 39.27% .

SWINTON: Jones, Stephen Handel, Conservative, 232; O`Dell, Shaun, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 852; Wyatt, Kenneth John*. Labour, 1886. Turnout: 33.33%

VALLEY: Currie, Simon*, Labour, 1667; Cutts, Brian, Conservative, 490; Pearson, Jason Paul, British National Party, 395. Turnout: 27.98%

WALES: Valerie Michele, Conservative, 951; Watson, Gordon*, Labour, 1837. Turnout: 32.57%

WATH: Bailey, Brian Albert, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 930; Gosling, Alan*, Labour, 1805; Higgins, Linda Elizabeth, Conservative, 266; Turnout: 32.43% .

WICKERSLEY: Dowdall, Tina Charisse, UK Independence Party (UK I P), 830; Hoddinott, Emma Elizabeth*, Labour, 1833; Parker, Martyn Lawton, Conservative, 600. Turnout: 35.12% .

WINGFIELD: Guest, Marlene, British National Party, 720; Johnston, Lindsay Mary Skelton*, Labour, 1564; Marshall, Kenneth Rodney, Conservative, 240. Turnout: 27.93% .