Election Results: Labour tightens its control in Barnsley

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LABOUR gained nine Barnsley seats - including a shock win in Tory Penistone - as it tightened its grip as the town’s ruling party, writes digital editor Graham Walker.

It claimed 18 of the 21 contested seats, taking seven from the Barnsley Independent Group (BIG) and one Independent.

But the biggest shock saw Labour unseating the Conservative Mayor of Penistone, Steve Webber, in Penistone West. All six seats in the two Penistone wards had been Tory held for many years.

Barnsley Council now consists of 52 Labour councillors (82.5%), five Conservatives (7.9%) and six others (9.5%), who lost six seats.

See full results below for Barnsley - where the turn out was just 28.9 per cent.

Labour also retained control in Rotherham, claiming 19 of the 21 contested seats.

Results for Sheffield and Doncaster are expected later on Friday.

Voters in Sheffield have also taken part in a referendum on a directly-elected mayor while Doncaster residents have been asked if they want to keep the current mayoral system.

A third of all council seats in Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield were contested in Thursday’s election.


Labour regained a seat in the St Helen’s ward formerly belonging to long-time Labour Coun Len Picken, who died earlier this year.

Barnsley Independent Group lost the seat of its deputy leader Fred Clowery, of Stairfoot, who was beaten by Labour’s Wayne Johnson.

BIG was at one time hoping to take control from Labour. It now has just five seats out of 63 in total on the council.

Labour also gained the seat of of long-serving independent councillor Grace Brown.

Jeff Ennis, Labour’s former Barnsley East and Mexbrough MP and a previous leader of the council, made a return to local politics, winning a seat in the town’s North East ward.

Labour’s Council leader Steve Houghton, who also celebrated holding his Cudworth seat, described the Penistone win was an astonishing result and added: “It’s been a tremendous night for Labour.”

BARNSLEY: 2012 LOCAL ELECTION RESULTS (* denotes sitting councillor)

CENTRAL WARD - Lab hold: Birkinshaw, Douglas* Labour Party Candidate 1262; Gibson, Dave Independent 347; Haynes, Anne Conservative Party Candidate 129; Porter, Colin The English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 286.

CUDWORTH WARD - Lab hold: Campbell, Anne Conservative Party Candidate 124; Houghton, Steve* Labour Party Candidate 1684; Hubbard, Terry British National Party 244; Stacey, Carol The English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 115; Wright, Gill UK Independence Party (UK I P) 220.

DARFIELD WARD - Lab gain from BIG; Burnett, David The English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 209; Hancock, Carmen E Barnsley Independent Group 984; Hill; George Conservative Party Candidate 115; Saunders, Caroline* Labour Party Candidate 1142.

DARTON EAST WARD - Lab hold: Duerden, Lesley* Labour Party Candidate 1172; Love, Sharon Barnsley Independent Group 910; Pearson, Howard Conservative Party Candidate 234; Sutton, Sharon The English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 185; Wilson, Ben Liberal Democrats 58.

DARTON WEST WARD - Lab hold; Cave, Alice* Labour Party Candidate 1608; England, Sam Conservative Party Candidate 488; Sutton, Ian The English Democrats - “Putting England First!” 505.

DEARNE NORTH WARD - Lab hold: Garner, Ian Barnsley Independent Group 501; Robinson, Jonathan The Conservative Party Candidate 87; Worton, Jennifer Margaret* Labour Party Candidate 1314.

DEARNE SOUTH WARD - Lab hold: Brook, Sharron* Labour Party Candidate 1848; Buckley, Paul Edward The Conservative Party Candidate 114; Garner, Susan Elaine Barnsley Independent Group 277.

DODWORTH WARD - BIG hold; Barr, Andrew Conservative Party Candidate 292; Birkinshaw, Phillip* Barnsley Independent Group 1396; Wright, Tony Labour Party Candidate 1165.

HOYLAND MILTON WARD - Lab gain from BIG: Caton, Brian Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 125; Hill, Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 183; Krska, Damion Barnsley Independent Group 635; Saxton, Justin The English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 243; Stowe, Mick* Labour Party Candidate 1524.

KINGSTONE WARD - Lab gain from BIG: Bowden, Geoff Barnsley Independent Group 458; Cooke, Danny British National Party 116; Green, Donna* Labour Party Candidate 1099; Walker, Nathan The English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 120; Watkinson, Clive Conservative Party Candidate 94.

MONK BRETTON WARD - Lab gain from Independent: Brown, Grace Independent 719; Green, Steve* Labour Party Candidate 1398; Hubbard, Jane British National Party 286; Pilkington, Chris Conservative Party Candidate 116.

NORTH EAST WARD - Lab gain from BIG: Ennis, Jeff* Labour Party Candidate 1625; Milner, Stella Barnsley Independent Group 1250; Murray, Peter Conservative Party Candidate 137.

OLD TOWN WARD - Lab gain from BIG: Davies, Phil** Labour Party Candidate 1391; Oldfield, Howard Conservative Party Candidate 182; Peace, David The English Democrats - “Putting England First!” 206; Pickering, Clive Barnsley Independent Group 665; Wood, Donald Independent 214.

PENISTONE EAST WARD - Con hold: Hayler, Jill Labour Party Candidate 1298; Heathcote, Glynis UK Independence Party (UK I P) 629; Wilson, John* Conservative Party Candidate 1405.

PENISTONE WEST WARD - Lab gain from Con: Starling, Peter John* Labour Party Candidate 1389; Teal, Robert Liberal Democrats 190: Webber, Steve Conservative Party Candidate 1337.

ROCKINGHAM WARD - Lab gain from BIG: Dures, Emma Patricia* Labour Party Candidate 1611; Riddiough, Kevin David The English Democrats - “Putting England First!” 253; Sylvester, Steve Barnsley Independent Group 774; Toon, Mike Conservative Party Candidate 168

ROYSTON WARD - Lab hold: Gouthwaite, Edward Alan Independent 248; Johnson, Jim UK Independence Party (UK I P) 322; Kyte, Graham* Labour Party Candidate 1573; Millner, Gill Conservative Party Candidate 117; Robinson, Paul The English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 73.

ST. HELEN’S WARD - Lab hold: Tattersall, Sarah Jane* Labour Party Candidate 1387; Walker, Dean The English Democrats - “Putting England First!” 222; Watkinson, Lesley Conservative Party Candidate 85.

STAIRFOOT WARD - Lab gain from BIG: Baker, Sandra British National Party 193; Clowery, Fred Barnsley Independent Group 981; Johnson, Wayne* Labour Party Candidate 1140; Watson, Frank Socialist Labour Party 58; Weldon, Delia Conservative Party Candidate 102.

WOMBWELL WARD - Lab hold: Carnell, Gary The English Democrats - “Putting England First!” 192; Morgan, Margaret* Labour Party Candidate 1769; Smith, Trevor Barnsley Independent Group 329; Wilkinson, Alex Conservative Party Candidate 124.

WORSBROUGH WARD - BIG hold: Carr, Gill* Barnsley Independent Group 1108; Robinson, Terry Socialist Labour Party 126; Smith, Helen Jean Conservative Party Candidate 124; Williams, Kevin Labour Party Candidate 969.