Election result paves the way for South Yorkshire’s political rising stars, says expert

Andy Price of Sheffield Hallam University
Andy Price of Sheffield Hallam University
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The General Election outcome has resulted in a ‘changing of the guard’ in South Yorkshire, according to a Sheffield politics expert.

Andy Price, head of politics at Sheffield Hallam University, said the lower profiles of MPs such as Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg will pave the way for the region’s political rising stars.

He said: “It feels a bit like a changing of the guard but look at what we have got: we have some great MPs.


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“Sarah Champion, Dan Jarvis and Louise Haigh performed really well.

“We have really promising politicians in the area that might not be in power but are doing their job representing us as the opposition and to critique the government. That’s still a form of representation.

“They’re not just doing good jobs now. People like Dan Jarvis, Louise Haigh and even Oliver Coppard are here to build a better future for our constituency. They’re the big hitters of the future.”

Meanwhile, Mr Price said he is unsure whether the Liberal Democrats will ever recover from the party’s nose-dive at this year’s election.

He said: “Nick Clegg has presided over the total reversal of Liberal Democrat gains that have taken three decades to do. He has undone three decades of work.

“What does that mean for the Lib Dems? It’s not just about the individuals here, it’s about the party machine. Everything that makes a party work has been taken away.

“It’s a total collapse of the Liberal Democrats and I’m not sure the party can recover from it.”