ELECTION: Penistone and Stocksbridge candidates share why they are standing

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Five candidates are standing as Parliamentary candidates in Penistone and Stocksbridge - the least for any Sheffield seat - this year.

Here three explain what their priorities are to voters and why they are standing.

Liberal Democrat candidate Rosalyn Gordon and Ukip’s Graeme Waddicar have not submitted statements.

The statements are in alphabetical order.

Steven Jackson - Conservative

“I believe that the people of Penistone and Stocksbridge deserve an active MP who puts local communities and their needs first.

Over the past decade I have built a successful career outside of politics, working with construction and engineering companies to regenerate Brownfield land, and I believe that the skills I have developed during my career can be put to use working on an issue that matters to many local people - ensuring that we have sustainable, infrastructure led development, which protects our green fields.

I am passionate about the same things that are concerning families locally - making sure that Sheffield continues to be an integral part of the Conservatives Northern powerhouse, creating jobs and attracting investment to the area, improving public and community transport - particularly in rural areas and reducing the cost of running a household.

As a councillor, I have a proven track record of delivering for residents.

Whether the issue is housing development, traffic, crime or the local economy, I have always fought for my constituents. I want to become the next MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge so that I can build on what I have already achieved, and make sure our residents get the best possible deal.

Born, raised and educated in the north of England, I know first hand how important it is to secure investment to create jobs, businesses and opportunities for young people in our area, and how important it is to keep our country on the road to recovery.

If you want to elect someone like you, vote for me in May.”

Colin Porter - English Democrats candidate

“Dear Voter,

I am pleased to have been selected to stand as your English Democrate candidate I have lived and worked in Yorkshire all my life. Having worked in Deepcar, Stocksbridge, Penistone etc for many years.

For twenty years I was an employer running my own small business. Both my son and daughter attended Penistone grammar school, they are now living and working in Barnsley.

Throughout the years I have attended numerous meetings, simply as a concerned member of the public.

At some meetings I have been appalled at the contempt shown for the electorate.

I believe this is because the politicians know their seats are safe, but with your vote for me in this election we can win.

If elected I will be a strong, honest, transparent and sensible voice for you, and fight for the needs of the people in the constituency.”

Angela Smith - Labour candidate

“I’ve been proud to represent Penistone and Stocksbridge in Parliament over the last five years.

It’s a wonderfully diverse constituency, stretching out from urban Barnsley in the east and urban Sheffield in the south right out into the Peak District National Park.

It’s not surprising that the constituency should present a wide range of issues.

Concerns about the cost of energy for constituents whose homes are ‘off grid’ are as likely to be heard as complaints about the bedroom tax and voters in the area are passionate not just about jobs and living standards but also the future of our NHS.

The constituency is also characterized by a love of nature on the part of all those who live within its borders.

Whether we’re talking about saving ancient woodland, such as Smithy Wood, or the restoration of the moorland that dominates the landscape in the western reaches of the constituency, local people are passionate about their environment.

Labour is the only party that can truly stand up for town and country. Labour believes that Britain only succeeds when working people succeed, whether they live in urban or rural areas.

Labour believes too that the environment matters and that everyone should have access to nature, whoever they are, or wherever they live.

Labour’s plan will reward hard work, share prosperity and build a better Britain. For everyone, not just a few at the top.

Vote Labour on May 7.”