ELECTION: All seats up for grabs at Chesterfield Council

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As many as 16 candidates are standing for wards in Chesterfield as the town’s council holds all out elections on May 7.

In the Barrow Hill and New Whittington ward there are 16 people standing.

All 48 seats on the council across 19 wards are up for election. Sixteen current councillors have decided to stand down.

Barrow Hill and New Whittington ward – three seats

Phillip Bailey (Ind)

Joanne Iris Barnett (Lab)

Richard Bexton (UKIP)

Barry Bingham (LD)

Jane Stephanie Collins (LD)

Lisa-Marie Derbyshire (Lab)

Susan Gibbons (Con)

Christopher Kevin Edward Heels (UKIP)

Andy Jakins (LD)

Shelton Joseph Mann (Ind)

Sissy McMahon (Ind)

Lewis Mark Preston (Con)

Linda Rowley (Con)

Paul Christopher Stone (UKIP)

Marion Thorpe (Lab)

Matt Whale (TUSC)

Brimington North ward – two seats

John Burrows (Lab)

Jolyon James Favreau (LD)

Terry Frank Gilby (Lab)

Richard Gingell (Con)

Harry Edward Holloway (LD).

Brimington South ward – three seats

Andy Bellamy (Lab)

Ian William Callan (Lab)

Joanne Favreau (LD)

Paul Gibbons (Con)

Tricia Gilby (Lab)

Keith Doran Shutler (LD).

Brockwell ward – three seats

Steve Brunt (Lab)

Maureen Davenport (LD)

John Anthony Dickinson (Lab)

Jill Mannion-Brunt (Lab)

Ray Russell (LD)

Chris Slack (LD)

Simon John Temperton (Con)

Stuart David Yeowart (UKIP).

Dunston ward – three seats

Sue Christopher (LD)

Lee Anthony Cooper (UKIP)

Sarah Hollingworth (Lab)

Alexander Joseff Millward (UKIP)

Patrick Proctor (LD)

Mark David Rayner (Lab)

Gordon Simmons (Lab)

Irene Wilkinson (Con).

Hasland ward – three seats

Mick Brady (Lab)

Steve Cadywould (LD)

Lorna Hall (LD)

Andrew Hollyer (LD)

Amanda Jayne Serjeant (Lab)

Andy Slack (Lab)

Anne Margaret Sterland (Con).

Hollingwood and Inkersall ward – three seats

Mick Bagshaw (Ind)

Barry Dyke (Lab)

Helen Ann Elliott (Lab)

Claire Gratton (LD)

Anthony Hill (Lab)

Andrew Jervis (Con)

Paul Alan Mann (Ind)

Ruth Marina Perry (Ind).

Holmebrook ward – two seats

Glenys Falconer (LD)

Keith Falconer (LD)

Stephen Paul Hitchin (Lab)

Tommy Holgate (Peace)

Suzie Perkins (Lab)

Annetta Jean Woodhead (Con).

Linacre ward – two seats

Jeannie Barr (LD)

Peter Ian Barr (LD)

Sharon Buxton (UKIP)

Ian Leslie Jerram (UKIP)

Andrew Oakley (Lab)

Diane Marie Oakley (Lab)

Gordon Franklin Partington (Con).

Loundsley Green ward – two seats

Christopher John Patrick Beirne (LD)

Kevin John Maher (LD)

Terry McMahon (Ind)

Avis Joan Murphy (Lab)

Luigi Postiglione (Ind)

Mick Wall (Lab)

Richard Frederick Woodhead (Con).

Lowgates and Woodthorpe ward – two seats

Christopher Robert Austin (Con)

Dean Collins (Lab)

Lisa Kelly Collins (Lab)

Joe Mann (Ind)

Michelle Joan Mann (Ind)

Malcolm Benjamin Rowley (Con).

Middlecroft and Poolsbrook ward – two seats

Alice Georgina Blyth (LD)

Chris Ludlow (Lab)

Margaret Ann Moss (Con)

Donald Parsons (Lab).

Moor ward – two seats

Sonia Marie Allen (LD)

Keith Brown (Lab)

Kate Caulfield (Lab)

Lisa Kate Gingell (Con)

Tony Rogers (LD).

Old Whittington ward – two seats

Norman Andrews (Con)

Joan Bentley (UKIP)

Laura Bentley (UKIP)

Jean Mary Innes (Lab)

Peter Innes (Lab)

John Arthur Rimington (LD)

Sean Vickers (TUSC).

Rother ward – three seats

Clive Archer (LD)

Stuart Brittain (Lab)

Jenny Flood (Lab)

Stella Louise Hunt (Con)

Keith Miles (Lab)

Lisa Danielle Pritchard (TUSC)

Carl Walters (UKIP).

St Helen’s ward – two seats

Helen Claire Bagley (Lab)

Fran Lomas (UKIP)

Keith Lomas (UKIP)

Daniel Wayne Marshall (LD)

Tom Murphy (Lab)

Michelle Elizabeth Stevenson-Briggs (LD)

Jonathan James Wilkinson (Con).

St Leonard’s ward – three seats

Sharon Lesley Blank (Lab)

Maggie Cannon (LD)

Shelley Dale (Con)

Ken Huckle (Lab)

Yvette Denise Nicole Marsden (LD)

Adrian Mather (Ind)

Kate Sarvent (Lab).

Walton ward – three seats

Graham Frederick Barnett (Lab)

Helen Blair (Lab)

Paul Dale (Con)

Alexis Saliou Diouf (LD)

Vickey Diouf (LD)

James Liam Hunt (Con)

Gordon Alexander McLaren (Lab)

Nick Redihough (LD)

Bentley Strafford-Stephenson (Con)

West ward – three seats

Howard Borrell (LD)

John David Lee Boult (Con)

Ray Catt (Lab)

Rod Harrison (UKIP)

Marcus Stanton Linsey (Con)

Paul Adam Niblock (LD)

Shirley Anne Niblock (LD)

Paul Packham (TUSC)

Rachel Rush (Lab)

Nigel Robert Sterland (Con)

Sharon Wall (Lab)

Robert Christopher Warwick (UKIP)