Elderly man 'attacked' after standing up to gang of yobs taunting Sheffield bus driver

Fishponds Road - Google Maps
Fishponds Road - Google Maps
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An elderly man was reportedly attacked after standing up to a gang of youngsters on push bikes for terrorising a Sheffield bus driver.

A Facebook post claimed the boys 'ran into the back' of the elderly man with their bikes after they had been 'circling' a Sheffield bus.

The gang were reportedly circling the 25 bus at Fishponds Road at around 5.15pm yesterday and taunting the driver.

An elderly man then got off the bus and told them to move along before the yobs reportedly attacked him, knocking his cap off.

The post, which has been shared almost 50 times on Facebook, described the yobs as being between 11-14-years-old.

It read: "Was on the 25 bus earlier at around 5.15 at fishponds some kids aged between 11-14 were causing bother with the bus, messing with the button at back of the bus which kept lifting the bonnet open at the back leaving the driver unable to continue his journey.

"They did this several times.

"There were two stocky lads on bikes and a shorter one on foot and they were circling the bus like vultures banging on windows and pressing this button every time the driver sat back down.

"An elderly man then got off the bus and told them to get away and leave the bus alone so they started to run into the back of him with the cycle bikes and keep knocking his cap off.

"I hope the man made it home safely. Just wish I could have done more to help."

The man reportedly decided not to get back on the bus and walked home on foot.

Police said that they have received a third party report of a group of youths 'behaving antisocially' in the area.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "The report also suggested that the group assaulted another member of the public.

"Officers were immediately deployed to the scene but on arrival, no children or groups of people were found and nobody came forward to report any criminal offences or incidents of concern."