Elderly Maltby residents air their views at Christmas lunch

Elderly residents in Maltby were given the chance to air their concerns about issues in the area when they sat down to Christmas dinner with police and councillors.

Police and councillors speak to elderly residents over Christmas lunch in Maltby.
Police and councillors speak to elderly residents over Christmas lunch in Maltby.

Over the last few weeks, the Maltby Town Council has part-funded festive lunches for elderly members of the community at the Queens pub.

Police community support officers decided to go along and speak to the residents about their concerns, following a number of anti-social behaviour incidents in the area.

Sergeant Sharon Hulley said: “This was a great opportunity for us to speak to members of the local community who may not access our website or social media.

“We put a lot of information online, but we wanted to be sure our elderly residents are informed and reassured by the action taken. We also wanted a chance to listen to any concerns they raised, to see if we could do anything to help.

“There’s been some great feedback so far from the public who were pleased that local officers took the time to sit with them and go over any community issues. We are more than happy to be involved in events like this and provide whatever reassurance we can to more vulnerable members of the public.”

Councillor Jon Carratt, chair of Maltby Town Council, said: “The council resolved to part-fund festive meals for community members 65 years+. There was six sittings in total with over 300 meals.

“Town councillors were present at all sittings, which gave them an opportunity to speak to residents and ascertain if they have any suggestions or concerns. We have received wonderful feedback from residents who attended.”