Elderly folk recommend Sheffield as good place to live, survey shows

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A NEW survey has revealed that nearly two-thirds of older people in Sheffield would recommend the city as a good place to live.

The survey by Anchor to mark Older People’s Day also shows 75 per cent of Sheffield’s older residents feel part of a community.

Some 86 per cent also knew the names of their neighbours and 90 per cent said their neighbours are friendly and helpful.

Healthcare scored highly, with 87 per cent of older people rating the service as satisfactory or very satisfactory and 76 per cent confident they could get a medical appointment when they needed one.

Just under three-quarters of over 65s felt they had access to fitness activities and facilities.

Seventy per cent said they had access to social activities or groups but only 56 per cent felt they had an active social life.

Some 83 per cent said they would like more police on the streets and 26 per cent feel safe going out alone after dark.

But only 34 per cent of older people feel safe using bus services after dark.

Narinder Singh, regional director of Anchor in Sheffield, said: “The findings reveal some positive news for older people in Sheffield, but the survey raised some issues.”

He added: “As the population continues to get older, demand for services will only increase.”