Eight trapped on high fairground ride escaped uninjured

Eight thrill-seekers who became trapped at the top of a very high broken ride at Chesterfield FC's Proact stadium had to wait for about an hour before they were rescued.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 27th February 2016, 10:47 am
Updated Saturday, 27th February 2016, 11:00 am

Derbyshire fire service were called out to the Eventive Funtime Ltd fairground in the club’s car park off Sheffield Road, at Whittington Moor, about 7.25pm, on Friday, February 26, after receiving reports that eight people were stuck at the top of the stationary fairground ride.

A fire service spokesman said: “We were on standby with the ambulance service incase we were needed but the fairground staff actually released the trapped people from the ride.

“There were no injuries reported and everyone was safe and sound.”


The Speed XXL ride became stuck in mid-cycle leaving people high up and unable to get off.

Ride operators were able to activate a safety mechanism which allowed them to reach those involved.

The incident is believed to have been caused by a computer fault.

Firefighters left the incident about 8.15pm.


Fairground visitor and Derbyshire Times Facebook follower Rachel Lupton said: “We watched the ride as it stuck in the air. It was a well-controlled situation.

“Everybody jokes about being stuck on one of these rides and in reality there is a chance it may happen but nobody was injured which is the main thing.”

A Chesterfield FC spokesman said: “A temporary computer malfunction halted the Speed XXL ride on Friday night.

“Following the activation of a safety mechanism, the people on board the ride came to no harm.

“The fire service personnel who attended the scene praised the efficiency of the ride operators. “We would like to thank those who were affected by the incident for their patience and understanding.

“Eventive Funtime Ltd, who operate the theme park, have provided an assurance that the problem has been resolved and the ride will be open as usual for the rest of the weekend.”