Eight-month wait for finish to paving work

The long forgotten streetworks on Meadowcroft Gardens
The long forgotten streetworks on Meadowcroft Gardens
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After eight months, Kevin Thackray expected the work to pavements outside his home to have been finished.

Amey started work in Meadowcroft Gardens, Westfield, Sheffield in the middle of January.

But it was soon found that there was a problem with some shallow-laid cables and so the work could not be completed.

Amey erected barriers and signs saying that the work would be completed soon.

Kevin waited months but nothing happened.

Fed up, he called Amey on June 26 and explained that five months was an unacceptable amount of time to take to finish the work.

He was told they were aware of the problem, and the work would be finished within a month.

But again the work was not done, so Kevin called again and was told there had been an issue. He was told the job had been raised again and should be finished within a couple of weeks.

Mr Thackray said: “Here we are, three weeks later, and still no sign of it being completed.

“Would it be possible for The Star to contact Amey to see if you can get anywhere?

“I’m not wasting my breath calling again.”

A spokesman for Streets Ahead said: “We would like to apologise to Mr Thackray for any inconvenience the pavement works on Meadowcroft Gardens may have caused. The works on this road have been more complex than we originally expected after shallow BT cables were found immediately below the paving surface.

“BT is currently processing the request for these cables to be moved and once complete, our teams will then come and resurface the pavement and complete our works.”