Volunteers needed for Sheffield University study

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People diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome could see some relief following a new study into the benefits of fish oil.

A research group based in the oncology department at Sheffield University is offering sufferers of IBS the chance to take part in a new clinical trial, aimed at reducing symptoms of the condition.

The disorder can lead to severe abdominal pain, swelling and fatigue.

Study leader Dr Bernard Corfe wants to assess the effectiveness of probiotics and fish oil supplements on managing and reducing symptoms.

Amy Evans, research assistant for the Molecular Gastroenterology research group, said: “IBS affects 10 to 20 per cent of people in the general population but is a relatively overlooked condition. The symptoms can have a massive impact on people’s lives.”

Volunteers must already be diagnosed with IBS, and be aged 18 to 75, to take part.

The trial lasts 12 weeks, with a symptoms assessment two weeks prior to the start date. A reimbursement of £40 will be given upon completion of the trial.

n Email profibs@sheffield.ac.uk or call 07437 350 047 before Monday, September 15, to get involved.