VIDEO: Hugs and joy as Sheffield students across city celebrate GCSE results

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There were hugs and cheers of happiness as students celebrated their GCSE results across Sheffield today.

The main hall at Silverdale School in Bents Green was packed with students, teachers and parents from 9am as they waited nervously to discover how pupils had done.

Taylor Holmes, Sabah Azam, Kate Whiteley, Ellie Webb

Taylor Holmes, Sabah Azam, Kate Whiteley, Ellie Webb

The school improved its benchmark pass rate, of students getting five A* to C grades including maths and English, from 71 to 75 per cent.

Headteacher Roisin Paul said students had ‘worked their socks off’.

Jo Orpwood, aged 16, of Bents Green, opened his results to discover he had nine A*s and three As at GCSE.

Modest Jo, who is now going to the school’s sixth form, said: “I have done pretty well, I’ve got all A*s apart from three As so I am fairly happy with that.

Jess Metherall, Matt Hills, Jessie Houtby, Rebecca Kingston, Matt Robinson, Finlay Mac Donald, Louis Starappazzon

Jess Metherall, Matt Hills, Jessie Houtby, Rebecca Kingston, Matt Robinson, Finlay Mac Donald, Louis Starappazzon

“I don’t know what to feel about it yet, I think my family will be pretty happy with it.

“I did two languages, French and German, because I thought that I could and it seems to have paid off.

“I think I will probably carry on with French but I didn’t enjoy German at all.”

Sabah Azham said she was ‘so happy that I can’t breathe’ after getting her two A*s, six As and four Bs.

The 16-year-old, of Bents Green, added: “It is better than I was hoping for, I thought I was going to get Cs.

“I don’t know how I pulled it off, I’m so happy I just can’t get over it.

“I can’t wait to go home and show my family.”

Will Turner, 16, of Greenhill, was also celebrating eight Bs, two As, and one A* in Spanish.

Taylor Holmes, Sabah Azam, Kate Whiteley, Ellie Webb

Taylor Holmes, Sabah Azam, Kate Whiteley, Ellie Webb

He said: “I’m going to do sixth form at this school and I’m doing biology, maths, Spanish and geoegraphy.

“I’m hoping to do something with Spanish in future because it is my favourite subject.

“I did put quite a lot of revision in, I’m glad it is all over now as it was quite stressful.”

Friend Ellie Millen was heading home with five As, four Bs and one C grade.

The 16-year-old, of Bents Green, said: “I have done well, I’m hoping to stay on at sixth form to do A-levels.”

Jacob Coopland, 16, of Millhouses, was celebrating two A*s, five As, three Bs and a C.

Outwood Citys Harrison Wood with his results

Outwood Citys Harrison Wood with his results

He said: “We got back home late last night from holiday so we didn’t have much time to worry, but I was shaking this morning getting ready.

Overjoyed pupils at much-improved Outwood Academy in Stradbroke cried tears of joy as they opened their GCSE results – the school’s best ever.

In front of a beaming staff, many pupils achieved above their expectations with 68 per cent of students achieving at least five A*-C grades including maths and English.

The figure at the former City School is up 25 per cent from two years ago and is thought to be the biggest increase in Sheffield.

Pupil Casey Harrison had an unusual build up to the exam results day – she had to spend the night away from her mum who knew already her grades as she is the school’s exams officer.

Casey, aged 16, of Grassington Drive, Hackenthorpe, said: “It was quite strange knowing that she knew them.

“It didn’t bother me that much but I didn’t want to look at her in case she gave it away how well or not I’d done.

“I didn’t want to talk to her because I might have got mixed signals and I didn’t want to get myself worked up.”

But Casey need not have worried – she got three A* grades, two As, three Bs and a C – and was happily surprised when she opened the envelope.

She said: “I thought I was a straight B student and If I got those then I’d be happy with them – but this is unbelievable.”

Casey is now off to All Saints’ Catholic High School’s sixth form to study A-levels.

Proud mum Kerry Harrison said: “I’m over the moon for her. She’s worked so hard and all the pupils have done so well – it’s amazing to get 68 per cent.”

Nicola Gladman, 16, of Richmond Road, Handsworth, also got a bumper set of A* to C grades and is hoping to become a nurse.

She said: “I’m so happy all the hard work has paid off, I’m really pleased with the results.”

“I’ve lost count with the amount of hours of revision that I’ve done.”

Nicola is now off to Peaks College.

Harrison Wood, 16, of Moorthorpe Dell, Owlthorpe, was also delighted with his grades.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it really,.I didn’t think I’d done as well in maths because it was such a hard test – I’m so pleased.

Harrison is also off to All Saints Sixth Form to study A-levels.

School principal Richard Brooke, 41, was overjoyed by the efforts of pupils and staff.

“It’s lovely just to see so many smiling faces because they’ve worked incredible hard to get the amazing results that they’ve got,” he said.

“They’re is a lot of celebrations going on, staff and students alike, I’m proud of them all“The only way is up, we’ll continue to keep working hard and try to give pupils the best chance in life.”

Top GCSE marks were racked up by students at one Sheffield school where the headteacher praised pupils for ‘fulfilling their potential’.

The benchmark pass rate of five A* to C grades, including English and maths, at King Edward VII School in Broomhill was 61 per cent, down slightly on last year’s 62 per cent.

Headteacher Beverley Jackson said she was ‘delighted that once again students have fulfilled their potential at all levels’.

“Our students and their teachers deserve our praise and congratulations.”

Ruth Goldacre, aged 16, of Fulwood, who had six As and two Bs to her name, said: “I know I tried my best so I was excited to see what I got.

“I was thrilled to bits to see the results, I was really surprised.

“The media said quite a lot of stuff about grades not being as good this year which is disheartening, on the radio this morning my mum heard the maths grade was down so I expected to get a grade lower but I didn’t.”

Conor Tordoff took home five As, one A*, two Bs and one C and plays tennis for Yorkshire so had to balance revision with training.

The 16-year-old, of Fulwood, will now take two A-levels at the school’s sixth form while continuing with the sport.

Angus Blake, 16, of Fulwood, notched six A*s, three As, two Bs and one C.

“I’m really happy with that,” he said,

“I was really nervous before, in my head I was telling myself that I had got lower. My family will be really pleased.”

Matt Robinson, 16, of Sharrow, admitted he had felt a jolt of nerves as he was walking up to the school to collect his envelope.

But they disappeared when it was revealed he had two A* grades, four As, three Bs and one C.

“I was okay until I was walking up the hill and then I got pretty nervous,” he said.

“When you walk in everyone is here talking about their grades.”

Sheffield Park Academy student Daisy Sutcliffe had an extra special birthday present when she received her GCSE results.

Daisy, who turns 16 tomorrow, was accompanied by a pair of proud parents to pick up the results with which she was very happy.

She took home grades in English, art, history, IT, maths, core, additional and further sciences as well as Spanish and sport.

Daisy, whose parents gave her an extra special birthday card to congratulate her, said: “I’ve done really well, I’ve worked really hard over the last few months so I’m so happy with myself.”

Students were queuing outside the school from before 10am to collect their results.

The academy, on Beamount Road, Arbourthorne, achieved a 64 per cent benchmark pass rate of five A* to C grades at GCSE including English and maths.

It is down on last year’s results, which were 66 per cent.

Headteacher Craig Dillon said: “Once again the hard work of our students and staff has produced another excellent set of GCSE results.

“We’re really pleased with the results, they’re exactly what we were expecting.”

Around 90 of the 163 GCSE students are planning on staying at the school’s sixth form.

Student Jacob Jeffcock, aged 16, was over the moon with his results and will now study graphic design at Hillsborough College.

“They’ve gone so much better than I was expecting,” said Jacob. “I was struggling with some subjects but I’m really happy with how they’ve come out.

“I was expecting a C in Maths and managed to get an A, so I’m really pleased.”

Nilda Carvalho was brought to tears by her result, and was presented with a bouquet of flowers by her proud parents.

“I’m so happy, I’m over the moon”, she said.

Meanwhile, Handsworth Grange School is one of just a handful of schools to have adopted a new way of measuring results, called Progress 8, although it will be mandatory from next year.

Students are given a point score for each their top eight GCSEs, which is then measured against their estimated point score predicted after their SAT exams at age 11, to show how much value has been added by the school.

Schools will have a starting point of zero, with progress scores above that being positive and those below showing underperformance.

Handsworth headteacher Paul Burrows said it was ‘impossible’ to compare the system with the five A*-C benchmark and that it may cause confusion for some parents before all schools adopted it.

But he added: “It is to be embraced because what this new measure does is its about the value that you add as a school - across the board it is a fairer system.”

The school’s first result under the new system was positive, at 0.3 per cent value added.

Outwood City pupils get their GCSE results

Outwood City pupils get their GCSE results

Outwood City pupils get their GCSE results

Outwood City pupils get their GCSE results

Daisy Sutcliffe, 16 today, with proud parents at Sheffield Park Academy

Daisy Sutcliffe, 16 today, with proud parents at Sheffield Park Academy