Twin extravaganza on the curriculum at Sheffield primary schools

11 sets of twins, all from the Chapeltown area, pictured before they go to primary school.
11 sets of twins, all from the Chapeltown area, pictured before they go to primary school.
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Together these 11 sets of twins are almost enough to form their own class.

And next week there will be teachers seeing double all across the north of Sheffield as 20 of them start their education at primary school.

For the twins were all born in the same few months, and in the Chapeltown and Ecclesfield area, in a twin boom back in 2009.

A special group was set up for the families when the unusual coincidence was discovered – and they have all become firm friends.

Mum Kate Garvey, whose four-year-old sons Luke and Oliver are going to Ecclesfield Primary School next week, said: “All of the twins are going to school in the same area – but the real fun will be if they go to high school together at Ecclesfield School. Some are a bit nervous about going to school, but mostly they seem excited. It was very strange to find out how many twins had been born in the same area at the same time.

“There were so many the health visitor put us in touch with each other and now we have our own twins club.

“We wanted a photograph of everyone together before they started school – then if we all stay in the area we will be able to repeat it through primary and secondary.”

The twins include one identical set, seven sets of boys, three sets of girls and one mixed gender – and six pairs also went to Mazehill Nursery in Chapeltown.

They are Jake and Zak Beard, Casey and Chloe Knowles, Harry and Poppy Jones, Oliver and Luke Garvey, Reuben and Louie Smith, William and Thomas Powell, Thomas and Lucas Bennett, Charlie and Samson Rodber, Robyn and Roxy Myers and Edward and Vincent Ellis.

From Monday they will be starting at Ecclesfield Primary, Coit Primary, Southey Green Primary, Windhill Primary and four of them are heading to Lound Primary School together. The youngest set, Evie and Annabel Smith, are three and will start school next year.

Fertility expert Dr Allan Pacey, from Sheffield University’s department of human metabolism, said an increase in assisted conception such as IVF meant there had been a rise in the number of multiple births.

But he said: “It is very unusual to have such a high number of twins born around the same time in a small community.

“The chances of conceiving twins naturally are about one in 90, however that rises to one in four for couples who conceive through assisted conception procedures.

“I am a twin, but unfortunately in 1966 my twin sister died at birth. The fact these twins are preparing for school is a brilliant example of medical advances over the last 50 years.”