Travel Smart week aims to keep pupils fit

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DERBYSHIRE pupils are being urged to get Travel Smart and make the most of their school journey to stay fit and safe, beat traffic jams and help to reduce pollution.

This year’s campaign takes inspiration from the world of sport, with each different way of travelling being represented as a different Travel Smart event.

More than 240 schools across the county are joining in the action this week.

Pupils can choose one or more Travel Smart events to make their journey to school.

A Race Walk involves walking to school as quickly as possible without breaking into a run or sprint, while the Ride and Glide Challenge involves travelling by bicycle, scooter or any other people-powered wheels.

There’s also the Bus Stop Hop – getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking – and the Travelthon, a combination of car sharing or driving part of the journey, then walking, or using another form of transport for the rest of the journey.

Pupils will record in a diary the ways they make their journeys and will receive a bronze, silver or gold sticker.