Toddlers step out to help Sheffield boy Max

Sponsored Toddle at Hackenthorpe Hall Nursery for Max Orbell
Sponsored Toddle at Hackenthorpe Hall Nursery for Max Orbell
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Children at a Sheffield nursery went on sponsored toddles in support of their friend who is suffering from a mystery brain condition.

Youngsters at Hackenthorpe Hall Nursery expect to raise £2,000 from a week of events in aid of five-year-old Max Orbell and his family.

Max himself was involved in the action and attracted individual sponsorship of around £450.

Despite tests doctors have been unable to identify exactly what is wrong with Max, and his family have been unable to secure the funding they need to support him.

Nursery worker Emma Brown said the condition had a serious impact on Max’s day-to-day life.

“He can’t eat well and he can’t walk well either - he has a disorder but as yet it hasn’t been diagnosed and so that is a real problem,” she said.

“We hope the money will be spent to make Max’s life a bit easier. It will be spent on sensory toys to give him a more comfortable home environment, and on new sensitive lighting for his bedroom.

“He has been with us a year now and divides his time between sessions at the nursery and time spent at his special school,” Emma said.

Toddles took place around the grounds at the nursery, which is based in a 17th century manor house in Main Street, Hackenthorpe.

Children were involved in the fundraising drive every day for a week, with around 100 youngsters taking part.

Emma added: “Money is still coming in but going on all the pledges we have received we expect the final total to be around £2,000, which is a really great response.”