Thrilled to bits at big ‘jump’ in GCSE results in Sheffield

Parkwood Academy students celebrate their GCSE exam results (left to right); Darren Forde, Oliver Harrison, Noora Ali, Jessica Miller and Ahmed Moula
Parkwood Academy students celebrate their GCSE exam results (left to right); Darren Forde, Oliver Harrison, Noora Ali, Jessica Miller and Ahmed Moula
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SMILING faces are expected today as teenagers open their GCSE results - with many schools in Sheffield reporting a ‘jump’ of improvement.

Early indications show that, for some, the number of pupils achieving five A* to C grades including English and maths – the Government’s favoured measure of success - has risen.

At Hinde House in Shiregreen that pass rate was 52 per cent, a major improvement from 34 per cent last year and in 2010.

Chris French, headteacher, praised ‘quality teaching and hard work’.

He added: “These are the best ever results in the history of the school. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

Firth Park Community Arts College is also celebrating an 18 per cent rise - going from 26 per cent last year to 44.

Ian Gilseman, assistant headteacher, said: “Everybody is thrilled to bits.

“The Government’s floor standard is 40 per cent so we’re just grateful we made that.

“We have really gone for it this year.”

Westfield Sports College at Sothall and All Saints Catholic High School on Granville Road were also celebrating their ‘best-ever’ GCSE results.

Westfield had a pass rate of 58 per cent, an increase of 16 per cent.

Andy Ireland, headteacher, said: “We have made a massive jump in attainment and everyone should be proud of making 2012 the best ever year.”

At All Saints the crucial pass rate stood at 66 per cent, up from 50 in 2011, with hopes high for more in future.

Record results were also celebrated at King Ecgbert School in Dore, with a top five A* to C pass rate, including English and maths, of 80 per cent, up on 76 per cent last year and by 13 per cent in 2010.

Headteacher Lesley Bowes said: “We’re pushing the boundaries all the time and it is just phenomenal that we’ve gone up again.”

At Chaucer School in Parson Cross the five A* to C pass rate including English and maths was 37.3 per cent - up on 25 per cent and the worst in Sheffield last year.

David Bowes, executive headteacher, said: “That’s a really good improvement so we’re absolutely delighted.

“The Year 11s completely bought into the idea that they could be successful - and they have been, so we’re really proud of their success.”

Handsworth Grange, one of the most improved schools in Sheffield last year, increased again. Its pass rate rose by seven per cent to 62.

Anne Quaile, headteacher, said: “We’ve gone up 20 per cent in the last three or four years so it has been a journey.”

Exceptional performances also mean some teens will be opening envelopes stuffed with A* and A grades. Tapton School in Crosspool and Meadowhead, among others, were expecting such scenes.

Tapton’s crucial pass rate rose to 71 from around 68 per cent with some ‘fantastic’ individual scores, and Meadowhead’s stayed steady at 64 per cent, better than predicted.

At Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School 69 per cent of students gained five A* to C grades including English and maths.

Headteacher Teresa Roche said achievement was ‘up at all levels’ with a quarter of all entries at A* or A and Year 9 students sitting GCSEs also doing well.