Teachers urge MPs to step up pressure over pay dispute

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Teaching unions in Sheffield are calling on MPs and councillors to help avert strike action in schools in the autumn.

Schools across the north west were shut yesterday as the first shots were fired in a campaign to protect teachers’ pay, jobs and pensions.

Unions are also opposed to plans to stop automatic annual pay rises for teachers, along with increments based on long service.

The NUT and NASUWT – which together represent nine out of ten teachers in the city – want MPs to increase the pressure on Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Toby Mallinson, Sheffield NUT officer, said: “Morale is at an all-time low.

“It is high time Mr Gove seriously discussed teachers’ concerns.

“It is a mistake on his part to believe that they will just sit quietly by and see their profession continually attacked by this Government for no good reason.”

David Haigh, City NASUWT representative, said: “We have tried without success to seek to discuss our trade disputes with the Secretary of State.

“Teachers are angry about the Government’s relentless attacks on their pay and working conditions and frustrated Mr Gove is failing to take their concerns seriously.”