Teachers go back to school in Sheffield 50 years later

The group outside  'The Heart of the Campus' at Collegiate Crescent in 2015
The group outside 'The Heart of the Campus' at Collegiate Crescent in 2015
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Fifty years ago comprehensive schools were in their infancy, the 11-plus was still commonplace and pupils got to grips with slide rules and protractors instead of computers and tablets.

So when a group of retired teachers who graduated from the former City of Sheffield Training College in Broomhall in 1965 met up again at their alma mater, the pace of change in education was bound to be one of the topics of conversation.

To mark the 50th anniversary more than a dozen former teachers travelled from across the country to meet at Lynwood - one of the original student halls of residence, now the Francis Newton pub.

Organiser Joan Warby, from Deepcar, said: “We were delighted with the help we had from different organisations in Sheffield to arrange a full day of events.

“We all have fond memories of how friendly and helpful Sheffield folk were in the 1960s, and we were delighted to receive that same welcome 50 years on.”

The management of the pub set aside an area for the group to meet for morning coffee and arranged for them to revisit the room in which some of them lived for two years.

The training institute was one of the founding colleges of Sheffield Hallam University, which put on a tour of its Heart of the Campus building on Collegiate Crescent.

Afterwards the group enjoyed lunch at The Rutland Hotel, Broomhill, swapping stories and photographs.