Survey seeks insight into supply teaching

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Sheffield supply teachers are being urged to take part in a major online survey which is seeking to gain an insight into their daily working lives.

The survey is being carried out by supply teacher agency PK Education, which is based in the city.

It is hoped the exercise will also provide a better understanding of the current climate in which teachers are working and of attitudes towards the profession.

Supply teachers play a vital role in the UK education system, helping thousands of schools each day to plug vital gaps in students’ learning.

However the profession is often undervalued by students, parents or even their peers.

The online survey consists of ten simple questions and takes only five minutes to complete.

Paul Gallagher, director of PK Education Sheffield, said: “Supply teachers can sometimes be criticised but we feel this is without much thought to the conditions in which they are working.

“They can often feel isolated and unappreciated due to the nature of their work, which often involves spending short periods in schools.

“However they are highly skilled professionals who often don’t get the recognition and appreciation that they deserve.

“We deal with hundreds of supply teachers throughout the region each year who all play a vital role in our children’s education.

“Therefore we want to gain an even greater understanding, with the hope that the findings will deliver an abundance of useful information that we hope allow us, schools and the education sector to make some important

changes for our supply teachers.”

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