Student works in city strip club to fund course

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News: Bringing you news 24-hours a day.
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FEMALE university students are being urged to seek help if they are struggling with money – after a student from Sheffield admitted dancing at a city strip club to fund her way through university.

The Sheffield Hallam University student – identified only as ‘Jilly’ – said she hopes to become a commercial lawyer, but is paying for her qualifications by dancing at Spearmint Rhino on Brown Street.

Today the women’s officer at Sheffield Hallam University urged female students to get in touch for advice if they are struggling to make ends meet.

Claire Willis, women’s representative at the university’s students’ union, said: “Where any woman works is a personal choice and all females have a right to that choice.

“However, I do feel it is a shame if female students feel pressured into working in adult entertainment venues purely for financial support.

“I would advise any student in this position to contact their student union for advice about other assistance that may be available to them.”

And Nina Jolley, who owns Sheffield-based Velvet Burlesque, which runs classes for around 200 women to learn and perform burlesque dancing, said: “I think when students qualify, the fact they have done this work may come back to haunt them.”

In an interview with a national newspaper, ‘Jilly’ said: “I came to Spearmint Rhino two years ago. I thought it was a really nice atmosphere – it’s nothing like what is portrayed in the media. It’s totally different and I like it.

“It was a way for me to cover most of my bills whilst working at the university. I am studying law and I want to be a corporate lawyer.”

But she admitted: “I worry massively somebody might find out that I’ve done this and it might affect my career.

“But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

“Hopefully, if it does happen, I’ve got the necessary skills to explain I am a student and I’ve got overheads.”

UK vice president of Spearmint Rhino, John Specht, sparked outrage when he said young women students should consider stripping to pay for their education.

“We don’t force anyone to come in. If the girls are looking to do this type of entertainment and make good money in a safe, fun environment and enjoy their work, then why not?”