Student rent bill tops £60

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UNIVERSITY students in Sheffield pay an average of £63.04 a week in rent, according to new research released today.

But that’s less than the average weekly student rent nationally, which now stands at £67.11 - up three per cent on last year.

Rent is cheapest in Middlesbrough, where students pay £43.68. It is most expensive to live in London, where weekly rents average £108.03.

The study is based on the rents of almost 86,000 properties in 78 UK cities and towns.

Simon Thompson, co-founder and director of researchers, said: “The rent increases for some cities reflect two key factors - one is the changing nature of accommodation coming on the market. The trend is for high-spec, better quality student accommodation, and some locations are leading the way in this area.

“The other key factor is the popularity and desirability of attending some universities that puts pressure on the accommodation available and the charging of higher rents.”