Still work to do at city primary, say inspectors

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A SHEFFIELD primary is on the up after changes in leadership and a period of little progress among pupils, a team of inspectors has found.

But Hillsborough Primary has been rated as ‘satisfactory’ rather than ‘good’ because the children’s progress and the quality of teaching, though improving, still need to be better.

Pupils started at school with lower than expected starting points, but made good progress in their first years, especially in communication, language and literacy. The youngsters, including those with special needs, later improved in satisfactory fashion and by 11 their standards in reading, writing and maths were broadly average.

Inspectors found the pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around school was satisfactory, and was especially good when they were excited and motivated by lessons. Attendance levels were average.

But a small number of pupils found it hard to maintain concentration when not working with an adult and when the teaching was not as engaging.

Teachers however managed pupil behaviour consistently and created a purposeful atmosphere for learning, though they are asked to move learning forward at a faster pace.

Although much good teaching was seen during the inspection, inconsistencies remained, with not all learning matched to the needs of pupils.

The new head Angela Lant and her senior staff had improved teaching quality since the last inspection, and there were now better systems in place to monitor the quality of the school’s work.

Improved leadership and management were found to be a significant factor in a very recent upturn in the pupils’ progress and attainment.

The governing body was also now playing a more important role in challenging the school to make further improvements.

The school also knew its own strengths and weaknesses well.

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