Slipshod sign leaves top school in the soup

the sign at Sheffield High School with spelling mistake.
the sign at Sheffield High School with spelling mistake.
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It may have an ‘excellent’ inspection report highlighting an outstanding early years department – but when it comes to spelling it seems Sheffield High School ‘must do better’.

Staff at the Broomhill independent for girls – where fees can cost almost £11,000 per pupil per year – were left red-faced when this sign appeared in the school grounds.

It seemed clear that perhaps the school wasn’t at the top of the tree in every ‘catergory’ after all.

The offending new sign was quickly taken down and corrected – but not before a passer-by took this photo.

It has since been widely tweeted, emailed to inboxes all over the city, and is doing the rounds on Facebook.

Headteacher Val Dunsford said the plan had been to refurbish the sign to celebrate their inspection report.

She said: “Unfortunately the signwriter completed the work over the weekend, making an error when copying from the agreed wording and spelling.

“We were only made aware of the spelling error on Wednesday morning when a parent alerted us to it, and it was corrected immediately.

“We are amazed by the amount of attention this has attracted when all we wanted to do was celebrate our amazing inspection results.

“The message has certainly gone out far and wide. This will be a lesson to all our school community to always check spellings carefully!”