Sleep your way to exam success

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NODDING off in class can be a problem for some sleepy-headed students.

But with vital exams looming, stressed-out teens at Sheffield College have been getting tips on how to get the perfect night’s rest.

City-based sleep expert James Wilson has been holding workshops at the college’s Hillsborough campus on successful snoozing.

James, founder of the city centre ‘sleep department store’ We Love Sleep, has been helping the students understand the connection between a good night’s rest and exam success.

His trusted techniques on dropping off range from simple breathing exercises to avoiding certain foods before bed.

He said: “Sleep helps you be more attentive, it helps you concentrate and remember things. It’s something that does need to be taken seriously.”

Students preparing for their AS and A2 exams have been attending half-hour sessions learning basic breathing yoga exercises.

They have also been receiving advice such as removing any clocks from the bedroom - the idea being to avoid ‘clockwatching’ in the middle of the night.

James said: “Often it takes somebody like me to point out the obvious. Good sleep can mean improved memory and performance - crucial for those top grades.”

Student Dayna Henley, who suffers from sleep anxiety, said: “I’m not a very good sleeper. I think that when it gets to the day of an exam I’ll wake up late, not be able to get to college and miss my exam. Or I worry about not getting enough sleep.”

James said he personally had no problems dropping off at night.

“I started reading a book about insomnia recently and I found that I took on some of the traits - so I had to stop reading it. Generally I sleep very well and it means that I feel awake during the day and at night, go to bed easily.”