Sheffield University scientists create telescope with down to earth price tag

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Education: Latest news, reports and more.
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A bargain basement telescope costing just £100 has been created using a 3D printer by scientists at Sheffield University.

They’ve used it to take photos of space which are of comparable quality of those taken by models costing £800 or more.

The telescope can be constructed from parts readily available on the internet.

Its inventors Mark Wrigley and Andy Kirby have even made the plans available online so that any budding astronomers can build their own version.

The ground-breaking product, which is based on Isaac Newton’s reflecting telescope design, is called PiKon.

The name comes from combining the alternative spelling of icon, which is Greek for image, and the name of the readily available Raspberry Pi camera, which sits in the telescope.

PiKon has a magnification of times 160, which means that on a cloudless night it will be capable of detailed lunar observation as well as galaxies, star clusters and some planetary observation.

Physicist Mark said: “This is all about democratising technology, making it cheap and readily available to the general public.