Sheffield special school rated good by inspectors

Norfolk Park Special School's leavers school prom
Norfolk Park Special School's leavers school prom
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Pupils at a Sheffield special school are achieving well – making good progress from usually very low starting points, inspectors have found.

Norfolk Park School, which teaches youngsters with complex and severe learning difficulties, has been rated good – a grade up from last time.

Teaching was found to be always at least good and was sometimes outstanding with the pupils doing well as a result.

The school’s newly-formed senior leadership team were proving themselves to be highly effective in evaluating how well the school was doing.

It was also setting clear targets and coming up with effective action plans to take the school forward.

Improved teaching ensured staff knew their pupils very well and planned work to match their very different needs.

Activities were practical but sensory experiences were also provided to help youngsters learn effectively.

Inspections found the pupils loved to come to school and enjoyed warm relationships with the staff.

They were well cared for, became confident learners and behaved very well in class.

The governing body had also been strengthened and had taken effective action to make sure the school continued to improve.

The report says there is still room for improvement, as teachers do not always extend the most able children throughout a whole session.

Learning outdoors was not always as sharply focused as it was in the classroom and data about the pupils’ performance was not yet in place to set challenging targets and record progress over time.

Some of the more senior staff were still new to their posts and had not yet fully developed their skills.