Sheffield Hallam University: the oldest weightlifters

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The couple were in their eighties.

Yet they were among the enthusiasts who gathered at the gym at Sheffield Hallam University looking for tips on ...weightlifting!

Dave Hembrough, Hallam University Sports Scientist

Dave Hembrough, Hallam University Sports Scientist

If evidence was needed to support the view that weighlifting was a growing sport, these senior citizens surely provided it.

The pair, from Chesterfield, threw their age to one side to join in Dave Hembrough’s class.

“Weightlifting and boxing are the two fastest growing participations sports since the Olympics” said Hembrough, who also condition-coaches Sheffield world title hopeful Kell Brook.

“I’ve introduced about 60 people to weightlifting since the Games. People think its about brute force and aggression - but its more about a relaxed approach and technique. It is about moving gracefully.”

Hembrough, 33, who was a regional standard weightlifting competitor himself, runs the Hallam Barbell Club as an addition to his work with students and athletes attending the Sports Science complex off Ecclesall Road. “You do get powerlifting geeks and gym bods who want more of a challenge” said Hembrough. “But we also have young girls and guys - and those over 80s!”

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