Sheffield girls design PE outfits

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Girls from a Sheffield school have been helping to design a perfect PE kit - after a survey found most young women hate the outfits they normally have to wear.

Hansdsworth Grange girls worked with Virgin Active to produce gear in which they’d feel comfortable while exercising.

Research found that 46 per cent of girls enjoyed being active but hated their school PE kit and 48 per cent admitted making up excuses to get out of PE lessons.

Over a quarter of 16-year old girls said they felt ugly when they wore their PE kit so avoided sport altogether.

The project demonstrated that simply changing the traditional PE kit, with low-cut V-necked polo shirts, unflattering skirts or uncomfortable materials, to more modern leggings, high-necked collars and dark colours that hide sweat patches, could have a major impact in making more girls enjoy PE at school.