Scientists’ incisive look at future of our teeth

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You may find this hard to swallow - but Sheffield University scientists are forecasting in just a few decades humans will be able to re-grow their own teeth.

In the long run we may even evolve beyond teeth and develop beaks, researchers believe.

Experts have isolated cells responsible for enabling fish to create an endless supply of teeth throughout their life - most clearly seen in sharks.

The stem cells, which scientists are nicknaming ‘tooth fairy’ cells, will reveal just how fish do it.

And before long humans may do the same, enabling us to bypass the dentists’ chair and grow a new set of teeth.

Scientists have also been exploring the jaws of pufferfish, which over millions of years have formed into beaks. One theory is that humans will eventually do the same.

Dr Gareth Fraser said: “With our extended lives and modern diets, the limited supply of human teeth is really no longer fit for purpose.

“We are looking for ways in which we can replicate the way that fish create an endless supply of teeth and bring this capability to humans.”