School drinks withdrawn in war on litter

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A school has withdrawn soft drinks from sale and removed packaging from food served in its canteen in a bid to stamp out littering.

Sheffield Park Academy in Manor, Sheffield, brought in the temporary measure ‘for a few days’ – but it has already sparked angry complaints from parents.

Milkshakes and other drinks sold in cartons cannot be bought by youngsters, who have been provided with water instead.

Sandwiches are also being taken out of packaging by lunch time supervisors and put on plates for youngsters to eat.

The move has angered parents who say they were not informed and it punishes all students for the actions of a few.

Mum-of-two Julie Child-Cavill, of Woodthorpe, said: “I think it is absolutely ridiculous.

“My son Samuel has been very upset. He is a dancer and needs drinks during the day.

“We weren’t even informed about it, so I couldn’t send him to school with a drink.

“There are better ways to go about cutting down on litter – why punish all for a few people’s actions?”

Another parent, who did not want to be named, said ‘not all children like water’ and called for a different way of tackling the problem.

A spokesman for the school, which recently had new bins installed to tackle litter, said: “It’s a short term measure to address litter.

“It’s because the children haven’t been using the bins properly, they’ve been throwing litter on the ground.

“It’s our message to the children saying don’t litter in the academy, use the bins instead.

“We’ve withdrawn the milkshakes from school for a few days and sandwiches are being served on plates, and we are serving free cups of water.

“If you buy a sandwich from the canteen it is on a plate and in terms of the milkshakes we’ve just withdrawn them from sale for a few days to say please show some respect for the academy and use the bins properly.”