REVEALED: Top 10 primary schools in central Doncaster

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Warmsworth Primary School has been rated the best of the 60 state primary schools nearest the centre of Doncaster by a website that monitors the performance of schools over the past year.

The website - - has rated all the primary schools in the area according to key performance data including SATS results, Ofsted reports, ‘value added’ score and pupil to teacher ratio.

Parents are also able to write a review of their child’s school and compare against others locally with a maximum five star rating. The figures are for the 60 schools nearest the centre of Doncaster

The figures are based on a search of the nearest 60 schools to Doncaster, and therefore excludes some schools on the outskirts of the borough.

The top rated state primary schools on the site in Doncaster are:

1 Warmsworth Primary School

2 Bentley High Street Primary School

3 Kirkby Avenue Primary School

4 Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School

5 Sandringham Primary School

6 Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Primary School

7 Arksey Primary School

8 St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

9 Richmond Hill Primary Academy

10 Armthorpe Southfield Primary School