Relatives moved to tears by youngsters’ stories about their lives

Children from Rivelin Primary School have spent a week transforming their hall into a writing wonderland.
Children from Rivelin Primary School have spent a week transforming their hall into a writing wonderland.
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VISITORS have been moved to tears by a touching wonderland of words written by Sheffield youngsters about their family and friends.

Youngsters from a Sheffield primary spent a whole week transforming their school hall.

The Huge writing project at Rivelin Primary in Lower Walkley saw pupils from the nursery right through to Year 6 cram every centimetre of the large room with their work on the theme of Our Rivelin Family.

The hall was packed with stories, memories and descriptions - hanging from the ceiling, covering the windows, draped across the climbing frames and spread all over the floor.

The children even climbed inside giant cubes and other shapes to write and explore after staff stayed after school to create a labyrinth of card and paper.

Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles were then invited to come and have a look at what they had created.

Year 6 teacher Beth Baalbergen, the school’s head of literacy, said many of the visitors had a tear in their eye as they read what the children had written about their nearest and dearest.

“We’ve got writing on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, the windows, the climbing frames – everywhere,” Mrs Baalbergen said.

“We want children to leave Rivelin School with a passion for writing and a belief that they have something valuable to offer.

“The Huge write has given all children an opportunity to share their writing with the whole school community in a really exciting and memorable way.”

She said the children’s writing had been a celebration of the relationships they had with friends and family in the community.

“The school spent a week building up to the Huge write in which all classes shared thoughts and memories about a special person in their lives. Children also brought in a photo of someone special to inspire their creativity.”

Mrs Baalbergen added: “The idea came from Limpsfield Junior School, who have done a couple of similar events. We can’t wait to do the next one. Perhaps Huge maths next?”

One parent said: “It’s just amazing – I can’t believe what’s been created in a week. It’s a shame it can’t stay up forever.”

Another said: “My little boy has been so excited about showing me his writing. Now I know why. It’s beautiful.”