Park rangers turn up the heat on education

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A SPATE of fires has been deliberately started by children on a Doncaster park - and the rangers are delighted with the results.

The fires in question were lit and extinguished safely as part of a bushcraft skills activity session held at Warren House Park, Askern.

Park ranger, Catherine Khamis said: “The children learned how to prepare and light a fire, where it is safe to light a fire, how to be safe near a fire and how to put out a fire and make the area safe.

“They also learned the importance of getting permission from the landowner and not cutting down healthy trees.”

The event was part of a programme of activities in the park, owned by the Land Trust and managed by Doncaster Council.

Euan Hall, chief executive of the Land Trust, said: “Fire is intrinsically linked to the outdoor experience in the form of camp fires and barbecues, however like many natural traditional skills the art has been slowly lost over time.