Parent power wins Sheffield lollipop lady back

Parents and children protesting over the loss of their lollipop lady
Parents and children protesting over the loss of their lollipop lady
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A lollipop lady forced to move to a different patch is to return to the school where she originally worked after parents protested.

Families with children at Ann’s Grove School, Heeley, led demonstrations and handed a petition in to councillors after they discovered crossing warden Janice Clark was to go.

She has been moved to work at nearby Bankwood Primary School, where a warden has just retired.

Sheffield Council said the move was needed as ann’s Grove had a new crossing outside, while Bankwood had no safety measures, but concerned parents said reckless drivers still sped through the crossing.

The council has now said Ms Clark can go back to Ann’s Grove as soon as a new warden for Bankwood is found.

Mum Racheal Crolla, of Myrtle Road, Heeley, took the petition to last week’s full council and spoke to environment chief Coun Jack Scott about the problem.

She said: “We are all really pleased she will be coming back but we’ve not got a date for it yet, hopefully it will show that people power can make a difference.

“They’ve got to get somebody else for Bankwood first, there’s no crossing there so they don’t want to leave the pupils there exposed.

“Janice is really pleased as well.”

Coun Scott said: “It’s a shame that cuts Government have forced on the council require these sorts of decisions. I’d like to pay tribute to the work the parents have done and their passion for sorting it out.

“I’m pleased we are working with them, the school and councillors to get this resolved. It’s likely to take some time to make it all happen but I’m committed to finding a long term solution.”