OPINION: Hard work has paid off

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Now the dust has settled a little it’s time to reflect on another set of excellent A-level results produced by Sheffield and South Yorkshire teenagers.

Today’s 12-page Star supplement is a tribute to two years of determined effort that has in most cases paid off handsomely.

It can’t be easy to concentrate on your studies when the exam system serves as a constant political battleground between would-be experts who seem convinced that these hard-earned qualifications are somehow too easy.

Changes were made this year to make those final papers even more pressurised, with less emphasis on coursework and re-sits.

It’s heartening to see that most students took these changes in their stride, produced results that were often as good as or even better than last year and will be able to make that next step to university or into employment.

The upheavals may not be over yet – Conservatives are pressing for an even bigger shake-up to the system, changes Labour says it will resist.

But all that is for another day and for another group of young people.

To the class of 2014, we say simply ‘well done’.