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Last year's first class winners
Last year's first class winners
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It's that time of year again where we honour inspirational teachers, students and support staff from our schools in and around the city.

Our Sheffield Best In Education awards launch this week and we are looking for your unsung heroes in your local schools to be nominated for this year's awards.

Nominations must be submitted through the online form

2016 The Star Best In Education

2016 The Star Best In Education

by midnight Thursday September 15 in order for them to be put before the judges. Our finalists will be contacted two weeks prior to the event.

Event details this year
Date: Monday 3rd October
Time: 6pm - 9:30pm
Venue: Kenwood Hall
Tickets: complimentary for all finalists & guest, additional tickets to purchase

We look forward to hearing your stories.

This year we are excited to welcome back Teachers UK as our associate sponsor.

"Teachers UK are delighted to be the associate sponsor for the Best in Education Awards 2016 for the 2nd year running. We feel that it is extremely important for Schools/Academies with both Staff and students to be recognised and rewarded for all their hard work throughout the year."

Hosting the awards again this year will be Andrew Truby, Headteacher of St Thomas of Canterbury School.

In 2014, Andrew and his school scooped up several awards in the Best in Education ceremony. Andrew has continued his involvement with this special event by hosting the evening's proceedings and we look forward to welcoming him back.

2016 Categories

School Business Manager
Do you know a Business Manager who excels in their role in supporting the school, in order to enhance effectiveness to achieve improved standards of learning. Do they excel in matters of leadership, organisation, communication and all the small things that help make your school run that little bit easier? If so send us their details.

Educational Progress
Do you know someone who has perhaps not always found academics easy but strives to succeed and has improved their grades throughout the school year? Are they on course for excellent results in the future?

The Sports Award
The judges are looking for schools and institutions that recognise the importance of encouraging our youngsters to get involved with sport to support their physical well-being as well as social development. If you are actively involved in promoting sporting activities within your school we would like to hear from you.

The Healthy Eating Initiative Award
This award recognises the role schools play in the promotion of healthy eating along with the benefits a balanced diet can have on children’s health now and progressing through to adulthood. Open to individuals or teams enforcing projects or initiatives

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Award
This award recognises an individual or group whose actions prove that by making one degree of difference to their local environment by demonstrating the value of the three R’s. We are looking for projects that have found innovative ways of increasing awareness and practical applications to help the local environment and community.

Best Sports Team
Does your school have a sports teams which has achieved excellent results throughout the school year? Are they the best in the district or have they won something outstanding recently? Anything from school football teams to netball teams, tell us about them.

The Technology Award
Introducing technology into the learning environment can encourage cooperative learning and student engagement. Open to schools involved in any project that has used computer, media or scientific technology to improve or introduce a new learning experience; tell us your story by entering for this award.

Best Nursery
Does your child go to the best nursery around? Is it because they have the best staff, the best learning facilities or is it simply just because your child loves it. Whatever the reason, send in your nomination.

Best Teaching Assistant
The judges would like to reward the adaptable, hardworking people who make teachers lives easier with their constant support, while improving the learning experience for our district's youngsters and in many cases providing invaluable help for pupils with special needs and producing dramatic results.

Best Teacher
The panel is looking for individuals who inspire devotion and respect from their students in equal measure, as well as building strong relationships with parents and going beyond the call of duty to improve school life inside and outside of the classroom. If you want to give a local teacher the Best Teacher award then nominate them today.

Best Primary Headteacher / Best Secondary Headteacher
The judges are hoping to hear tales of inspirational leaders from the area’s Primary and Secondary Schools, who have turned their school around. Tell us about head teachers who thrive on daily challenges and those who enthuse staff as well as pupils. This category will award the best Primary and best Secondary headteacher

Best Primary School / Best Secondary School
Judges will be looking for the school that has had the biggest impact on their pupils in giving them the best opportunities and experiences. Schools can nominate themselves to shout about their progression and success or pupils can nominate their school that they love. Tell us why your school should win this award. This category will award the best Primary and Secondary School.

Don't delay, nominate today at