MP fights funding cuts for disabled

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Rotherham MP Sarah Champion is fighting funding cuts to disabled students in the town - which she says will make it very hard for them to go to university.

She argues cash which pays for vital equipment and support which makes learning accessible should be continued.

Sarah, who has consulted closely with Rotherham’s Disability Network to understand the impact of the cuts, claims that it is such funding which makes higher education an option.

The MP said: “Cutting funding to disabled students with what the Government deem to be lesser support needs will mean that although some students are given support to access university on a level playing field, others will be denied access to equality of education.

“It is unfair and unreasonable to think that any person should be barred from furthering their education because of a disability.

“The major impact of the funding cuts on disabled students is that the potential hardship caused by paying for modifications will mean that many families will have to decide whether they can afford to send their son or daughter to university at all.

David Blunkett MP is also backing the campaign.