Low-paid staff backed by Sheffield students

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Representatives of The University of Sheffield Students’ Union have met with the university’s Vice Chancellor and Director of HR to highlight their concerns surrounding low paid members of university staff.

The Students’ Union Living Wage campaign has been at the forefront of student campaigning on campus over the past few years and has been an item of constant discussion between student representatives and university management.

Students’ Union President Ally Buckle said: “This was a positive meeting and I hope that we will start to see some real movement on this issue in the near future.

“These discussions would not have happened without the hard work of all our student campaigners, who have consistently shown their support for low paid university staff over a number of years.

“The Living Wage is a very important issue in the current economic climate, as can be seen by the growth of food banks under a rapidly rising cost of living.

“This is why I’m glad the university is moving on the issue and I hope that in a few months’ time it will be held up as an example of fair employment within the city.”

Olivia Blake and Josh Berlyne, co-chairs of Sheffield University Living Wage Campaign, added that students would continue to lobby for all university staff to be paid the Living Wage.

“We’ve spoken to the lowest-paid staff across the university and know that they will be very pleased with this,” said Olivia.

“Over the years the cost of living has risen much faster than their wages.

“But if the university introduces the Living Wage, staff pay will once again fairly reflect the cost of living in the city.”