Hundreds expected at Sheffield school reunion

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It is set to be the biggest Sheffield school reunion this year – and it has all come about by happy accident.

More than 500 ex-pupils from the former Wisewood School are to get together at Cutlers’ Hall on Saturday, October 4, for an evening of music and memories.

Old boys and girls are expected from down the decades – from the school’s early days in 1930s right up to its closure in 2011.

However, co-organiser Deb Jacobs said the event would never have happened but for her own ‘technical incompetence’.

She said: “I live in Preston now, but know some old Wisewoodians through Facebook, some 27 in all.

“I wanted to set up a private page for us to keep in touch, but accidentally set up a public group. That same afternoon 72 people had signed up and the next day it was 105.

“Now there are 1,300 members aged from 82 to just 16.

“There was a lot of online chat, but then someone suggested it would be good to get together physically rather than virtually.”

Deb, a pupil from 1971 to 1978, said the school always had a family atmosphere.

The 53-year-old said: “The depth of feeling about the school has been absolutely incredible and there have even been romances which have been rekindled through the group page.

“Now we’re looking forward to a great evening and we’re going to have four of the school’s old bands playing. We’re also hoping to persuade former members of staff to come.

“Now the school has gone it seems to have brought people together.”