Help at hand for South Yorkshire teenagers stressed over exams

Students sitting an exam
Students sitting an exam
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Teenagers in South Yorkshire stressed about exams are being assured help is at hand – from experts at the charity ChildLine.

Last year, ChildLine Yorkshire held one-to-one counselling sessions for 40 youngsters concerned they could not cope with the pressure.

Across the country, the organisation received more than 2,400 calls about the same topic.

Gaynor Birnie, Yorkshire service manager, said: “The exam period can be a stressful and anxious time for young people.

“We hear from lots of young people each year worried or panicking about their exams and revision.

“This can affect them in a variety of ways and can leave them unable to eat, sleep or function normally.

“We want to let them know they are not alone and ChildLine is here to listen to them.”

The charity says parents can play a key part too in reducing their youngsters’ nerves and stress.

Gaynor said: “The most important thing for parents and carers to recognise is exams can be intensely stressful and acknowledging this in itself can be helpful to your child.

“Also don’t place unnecessary pressure on your children to gain certain grades.

“They may feel they have failed if they don’t achieve what they thought was expected of them.

“Be relaxed about chores or untidiness and understand they might be moody.

“Allow your children to revise at nights if that’s what works best for them. However, do make sure they get enough sleep to keep their energy levels up in the day.”

ChildLine’s website has a special ‘beat exam stress’ section, while young people can also send emails to trained counsellors or receive support online via one to one chat.