Green-fingered youngsters veg out at school

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YOUNGSTERS at Balby Carr School are helping the teachers get their five portions of fruit and veg a day!

Pupils who have been working on school allotments in the Weston Road sports and science specialist college have included the teachers, cleaners, dinner ladies and office staff in the list of customers who have bought their produce.

Youngsters who have been working on the land have produced food such as lettuce, cabbage, cherries and peas, with surplus cash from the sales going to charity.

A school spokesman said: “The students involved are determined to raise enough cash from what they are growing and selling to become self-sufficient in terms of buying seeds and new plants and also are keen to donate some money to support the Artis Pet Sanctuary, adjacent to the school.

“There is a real air of commitment among these students to enjoy developing skills which will be useful in adult life and also to helping a charity organisation in their immediate neighbourhood.”

Pupils Curtis Harrison, David Baker and Jordan Pudwell sold the first lettuce to Martin Craig, the school’s headteacher.