Flooded South Yorkshire school set to re-open on Monday

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TEACHERS arrived at Denaby Main Primary School to find parts of the school 3in deep in water.

Shane Jarman, headteacher, said: “We were flooded in the night and discovered it when we arrived yesterday morning. I think the whole of Denaby has been badly affected.

“The flooding has affected the old part of the school, not the new part, but the office suite is 3in deep in water and there is tons of damage, so we had no choice but to close.

“Carpets, paperwork and the electrics have been ruined, so it obviously wasn’t safe for children.

“The water has come through the doors and from what local people say there was a tidal wave with the water knee-high at some stages. We can see where the water got to before it started to subside.”

The school, in School Walk, has 271 pupils aged from three to 11.

Mr Jarman said: “I’m not in a position to say when we will reopen, but I don’t think it will be on Monday, as things are with the electrical system affected.”

Station Road Primary School, Conisbrough, also had problems.

Simon Martin, headteacher, said: “The water got inside the entrances, but it is not where the children need to be. The children are all safe and well and the last thing I want to do is send them home.

“A 4m stretch of the playground wall fell down because of the flooding on Station Road and there is a big puddle outside, but hopefully it will have drained away if the rain eases off.

“If it gets worse we will be contacting parents.”

Don Valley Academy closed at 11am and 1,000 pupils were sent home by headteacher Noreen D’Rozario.

She said: “It is disappointing that after another tremendously successful year in terms of academic and extra-curricular achievements, we’ve had to close the school due to localised flooding in our Lower School building today, which caused health and safety issues.

“We are pleased Don Valley has been prioritised for a new school build in the near future. Our students and staff deserve the best facilities so we can take learning to an even higher level.

“We will be working over the weekend to ensure the school is open as usual on Monday morning.”