Eat frozen to save waste

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Eating more frozen food could slash the amount of food wasted by families by almost 50 per cent, according to research by a Sheffield Hallam University academic.

The food saved across Britain would be equivalent to three million tonnes of household waste per year, says Dr Wayne Martindale.

He estimates frozen food generates 47 per cent less food waste compared to fresh and chilled foods consumed in the home.

The research also found that households who include more frozen foods in their weekly meal planning could save around £250 per year.

Greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 2.4m tonnes a year at the same time.

Dr Martindale said: “These results tell us a great deal about people’s lifestyle choices and demonstrate clearly that families can save money and waste by simply incorporating frozen food into their meal planning.

“People are simply less likely to waste frozen foods because it’s easier to control portion size and food obviously lasts longer in the freezer. With today’s world being busier and more demanding, frozen foods offer an increasingly desirable, practical and nutritious choice for busy families.”