Better times ahead for city primary

Gleadless Primary School
Gleadless Primary School
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A Sheffield primary school has failed to move forward over the last 18 months and is still in need of improvement, inspectors have found - the same verdict as in early 2013.

Senior staff at Gleadless Primary were initially not quick enough to improve the quality of teaching and the pupils’ achievement levels, Ofsted says.

Some of the actions taken to stretch the most able pupils are still in their early stages and are not yet helping standards to rise quickly enough.

Attendance levels of disadvantaged pupils was still not good enough, limiting their achievements particularly in reading and writing.

Inspectors said some pupils found it hard to concentrate in lessons and became easily distracted, which meant they didn’t make as much progress as other children.

Teaching quality varied between classes, another factor which held some of the youngsters back.

Overall levels of pupil achievement had been varied since the last inspection, holding back standards in reading, writing and maths as a result.

Problems were found in the early years section of the school, with leadership not as good as it should be.

But since the arrival of a new interim executive headteacher, the school had improved rapidly.

Inadequate teaching had been eradicated and pupils were now enjoying a greater number of fun and exciting lessons.

Pupils felt the feel of the school had improved ‘beyond recognition’, and was now warm and welcoming instead of dark and gloomy.

The school was improving quickly and comprehensive plans were in place setting realistic and ambitious targets for the future, inspectors added.