Architects’ solution to British housing crisis

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Architects from the University of Sheffield will present their research into the housing crisis at a parliamentary launch event on May 13.

Experts from the university’s School of Architecture will put forward the benefits of Collective Custom Build, which they believe is a solution to the lack of affordable homes in Britain.

Collective Custom Build is a self-build project where stakeholders across the house-building industry share the risk of development and work together to build affordable, better-designed homes.

Prof Fionn Stevenson, who led the project, said: “Around 100,000 new homes are built every year against an expected demand of official projections of more than 232,000.

“Much of the housing we build in the UK is unaffordable, unsustainable, undesirable, unsociable or simply unavailable.

“Young and old alike deserve a chance to get the housing they want.”

The parliamentary launch event will be attended by more than 300 people including key MPs, housing developers, social entrepreneurs and other dignitaries.

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