A new scholarship is helping hundreds of Brits find career opportunities around the world

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Few people realsze that speaking English as your first language is already a huge advantage. Even if you have never considered becoming a full time English teacher, many people around the world will pay you just for being their conversation partner.

An accredited teaching qualification and basic teaching experience are a fundamental first step in opening an additional career path in the ESL teaching world. The AngloTEFL scholarship programme offers both, free of charge, helping thousands of people build credibility and an early stage in the global ESL teaching world.

How it works: successful applicants undertake a free 120h accredited online TEFL training. As they complete the theoretical preparation, they spend 3 weeks gaining observed teaching experience while helping mentor students from multiple European countries.

The 3-week practical part of the programme takes places on university campuses in England, Ireland, Malta and in high standard hotels in Central Europe (surroundings of Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw). The board and lodging is provided and applicants will only be expected to cover their travel costs.

During the 3 weeks, the TEFL students mentor young and adult learners during a full language immersion programme in a series of conversations and activities aiming at applying the theoretical knowledge in practice.

The combination of theoretical part (120h TEFL course) and practical experience (210h teaching practice) means that graduates of the Anglo-TEFL scholarship programme are some of the best newly-qualified candidates in the TEFL teaching world.

TEFL qualification is not just something for those considering a full-time career move. Many of AngloTEFL graduates teach part time while travelling around the world.

The only participation cost in the scheme is 15 EUR admin fees. The key part of this opportunity is that someone can visit up to three countries with no significant expenses, including Europe's hidden gems: La Valetta, Krakow, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw.

For 2018, there are 500 scholarships available in the UK.

Key Facts:

• The Anglo-Tefl scholarship programme is a collaboration between Angloville – one of the biggest providers of language immersion programmes in Europe - and PremierTEFL, an innovative Irish online education provider.

• Angloville immersion programmes, hosting the scholarship holders, are organized in collaboration with University of Essex, Dublin City University and University of Malta.

• Angloville welcomes more than 8000+ participants a year on its camps in 7 European countries.

• Featured: Forbes, Lonely Planet, Travel Magazine, Glasgow Guardian.

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• The Anglo-TEFL Scholarship: www.anglo-tefl.com

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• Organisers:

Angloville: https://angloville.com/home
PremierTEFL: https://premiertefl.com