A-level genius is heading straight to top university

Taptons top pupil George Lee with an amazing 7 A*
Taptons top pupil George Lee with an amazing 7 A*
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GENIUS George Lee was today hailed as Sheffield’s star student - after achieving an astonishing seven top grades in his A-level exams.

The 18-year-old Tapton School sixth form pupil, from Crosspool, racked up straight A* results in French, Spanish, general studies, maths, further maths, critical thinking and physics.

The high-flying teenager is now heading straight to the prestigious Imperial College London, who eagerly offered him a place on their three-year mathematics degree course.

Although George didn’t seem too overwhelmed after he opened the envelope containing his hard-earned grades, the modest teenager told The Star: “I suppose I’m happy with my results.”

George said he had to take on extra work throughout his sixth-form years in order to gain his impressive results, and did lots of studying at home.

“My timetable was a bit of an issue - some of the subjects I studied at home and I had to do physics in a year, but everything fitted in in the end,” he said.

The student also remarked that he was surprised other exam candidates didn’t achieve similar results.

“If you do enough homework it’s not that bad,” he said.

“Maybe for some people it’s going to be a lot of work, but it wasn’t really a problem for me. I think most people could do a bit more. I had time to do other stuff, like go out.”

Tapton’s headteacher David Bowes led the praise for the school’s top student, saying his results were ‘simply remarkable’.

“Of course George is a really hard worker but he’s also the most wonderful lad and we’re all incredibly proud of what he has achieved,” he added.

George said he picked Imperial College because of its reputation as one of the world’s top research institutions, and that he chose maths as he’s considering a career in the world of finance - despite its current poor reputation.

“I thought it was the best one. From doing maths I thought I might go into banking, or insurance work, or something financial. I might not go into it, but it might be a possibility - a very well-paid possibility anyway!

“I didn’t want to do anything too restrictive, I just wanted to do a straight maths degree.”