EDL jailings

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So let me get this straight. Agree with them or not, the EDL members are in a pub having a drink.

There is no bother until a mob of UAF, faces covered, come in and make a beeline for the EDL.

Unfortunately for them the outnumbered EDL fight back and the UAF come badly unstuck.

The resulting case sees those defending themselves sentenced and the worst thing to happen to the attackers is one gets a telling off for perverting the course of justice.

The fact that this individual needed to find out what he should tell the police, clearly indicates he wasn’t in there for the beer.

This is typical of politically correct Sheffield, when these people can cause mayhem in a public place and walk away scot free.

I would have at least sentenced the UAF (Unwashed Against Freedom) mob to a bath. That would have deterred them from causing further mayhem.

John J Slater

by email