Editors View

Editors View

Feature: 2017 needs to be a year of action for Sheffield...

This year needs to be Sheffield’s year of action.

Arctic Monkeys elephant

Editor’s View: Kindness is city winner

So many of the great things we love about Sheffield have been gifted to us by generous benefactors.

Where next for the Supertram?

Editor’s View: Speak out over trams

The clock is ticking for the people of Sheffield to have their say on the future of Supertram.

Editor’s View: Force for the Future

Editor’s View: Force for the Future

South Yorkshire wants to feel proud of its police force and is desperately keen to help create a more positive future.

Park Hill Flats

Editor’s View: Changing community

Park Hill flats was originally renowned for its community spirit.

More people in Sheffield are in work or training than last year

Editor’s View: People who shape city

There is a growing wave of optimism in Sheffield.

Sheffield Star Editor Nancy Fielder at The Star Best in Education Awards. Picture: Andrew Roe

Editor’s View: School lows and highs

I was absolutely honoured to share a very special evening with Sheffield’s most inspirational teachers yesterday.

Your chance to have your say

Editor’s View: Houses for a lifetime?

What a contentious subject council houses have become recently.

Bus users in Sheffield.  Picture Dean Atkins

Editor’s View: Make bus a real choice

A five and two twos please.

Nancy Fielder, editor of The Star

Editor’s View: Talk to us about news

You’ll have spotted a few changes in your Star today. What do you think?

Picture: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Editor’s View: Where is deterrent?

Here we are again, questioning the justice system on which we all rely.

Stephen Betts, chief executive of Learn Sheffield, want to make Sheffield a wolrd-class city. Photo by Dan Hobson.

Editor’s View: First class unity bid

All our futures lie in the hand of our youngest Sheffielders and the institutions where we send them to learn are entering a new era.

Adam Hurrell who saved a teenager who passed out at Hillsborough leisure Centre, Sheffield, United Kingdom on 30 August 2016. Photo by Glenn Ashley.

Editor’s view: Many kind of lifesaver

I’m no hero – I was just doing my job.

Silver in Rio for Sheffield super mum Jessica Ennis Hill

OPINION: Why ‘family first’ Jess Ennis-Hill is an inspiration to mums everywhere

In a world filled with questionable role models, Sheffield has something unique in the amazing athlete that is Jessica Ennis-Hill.


Editor’s View: Smaller yet still mighty

Every Sheffielder is proud of our steel past - our ingenuity, our inventions and our world class products.

Large piles of litter are gathering on Firth Park Road, Sheffield. Picture: Marie Caley NSST Litter MC 2

Editor’s comment: Dropping our waste should be made totally unacceptable

I hope everyone in Sheffield is shamed by the figure on today’s front page.


Editor’s View: Support the great work of Sheffield’s Sick Children’s Trust

Having a child with a serious illness is devastating for parents.


Editor’s View: The ordinary young woman who is the very definition of inspirational

There are many names that come to mind when you think of inspirational women.


Editor’s View: Thanks to mums everywhere

If you were to write a job description for the role of mum what would it include?


Editor’s View: At last the Sheffield bus companies admit they got it wrong

It was an uncomfortable meeting, but then so it should have been.

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